With big love we welcome our new baby:
Tribute To Anne de Terra di Siena - Maité.
Thank you so much our dear friends Noferi Serena and Alfonso!



Very proud of Dawson winning CAC-CACIB at the International show in Genk, Belgium on 29/06/2014. Thanks to the judge Linda Volarikova.

Julia got 1st in Intermediate class.


Julia won CAC & Best Bitch in the Hunting Show in Holland on 15/06/2014.

Dawson got 3th best working dog in show.


Dawson ( Brussels Winner '13 Alibren True Glory) had a great day at the national show in Lommel on 07/06/2014. He won the res CAC, and ended up being 'Best Working Dog of the Day' in the ring of honour. Very pleased with my sweet boy!

Princess Julia (BJW, B JCH Stanroph Sea Sonnet) also had a great day. She won intermediate class, CAC, BOB and was with the last 6 in the group!!!! At only 19 months, she's already half way to the Belgian title.


Dawson has made us very proud at the Clubshow in Holland (one of the biggest on the continent) on 29/05/2014. He won the workingclass and got the res CAC. Because the CAC Winner is allready Dutch Champion, Dawson gets the double CAC and is half on his way to the Dutch title!!!

Princess Julia winning 2nd place in huge Intermediate class!


Very pleased with princess Julia ( Belgian JW, Belgian Junior Champion) at the Belgian Retriever Clubshow on 04/05/2014!!!! At only 17 months old, she won her 5th intermediate class-in-a-row (never beaten in this class) and won the CAC and best bitch , beating 4 Champions, a UK show Champion and a bitch with 10 titles!!!! Thanks to the judge Carol Gilbert and ofcourse to super breeder Annie Stanroph!!!

Dawson had a good day as well, winning working class, and becoming best working dog in breed!!! We are over the moon!!!


Dawson had a good day at the International show in Amiens, France on 27/04/2014. He won the Open Class, and got the res CAC & res CACIB.

Princess Julia ( Belgian Junior CH & Belgian Junior Winner Stanroph Sea Sonnet) had a good day also. She won her 4th Intermediate Class in a row, and was awarded the CAC & res CACIB. Very pleased with her, thank you ever so much Annie Stanroph !


Princess Julia (Belgian Junior CH, Belgian Junior Winner Stanroph Sea Sonnet) had a good week. After winning her first 2 intermediate classes in Holland and Germany, she won her 3rd intermediate class-in-a-row at the Young Dogs day of the GRCB on 21/04/2014 and also gaining reserve best bitch.


On his first 2 outings with the big boys in Limit Dawson ('Brussel Winner'14 Alibren True Glory) made us very proud! At the Northern Golden Retriever Association show he got a nice 4th place. The day after, at the Yorkshire GRC show he got a 3rd place in very strong competition, thus gaining his Stud Book number. He is now qualified for Cruft's for life!!!
Princess Julia (B JW & B jCH Stanroph Sea Sonnet) made us happy again. After being shortlisted with a 'cold tail' at Northern GRC, she got better at the Yorkshire GRC show and got a nice 2nd in a quality Junior class, thus qualifying for Cruft's 2015!


My lovely sweetheart Dawson gained his first CAC/VDH today at the GRC show in Cloppenburg on 29/03/2014. He has made us very proud today!
Critique from mrs. Gillian Wicklow: 'Very attractive boy, very balanced with lovely head, dark eye and dark pigment. Good reach of neck, well angulated upper arm, level topline and good stifles. Excellent tailset, well let down hocks and moved soundly' We are very pleased with this critique!

B JCH, B JW princess Julia (aka Stanroph Sea Sonnet) made us very happy today, winning a lovely Intermediate Class at the GRC-show in Cloppenburg, and gaining her first CAC/VDH in Germany!!!


Crufts 2014

Dawson (Alibren True Glory) after winning the 2nd place in Undergraduate at Cruft's!!! I am very proud of my boy, huge thanks to my gf Leyla for preparing him for the show & presenting him so well. A day to cherish for us.

Princess Julia (Stanroph Sea Sonnet) on the green carpet.
She is still busy growing her new coat, but I was pleased she got shortlisted anyway.


At the International Show in Groningen (NL) on 02.03.2014, princess Julia (Stanroph Sea Sonnet) won a strong Intermediate class.It was her first appearance with the big girls.


A lovely day at Southern GRS Championship show on 23.02.2014. Nice to see so many lovely friends and people. Dawson (Alibren True Glory) was 1 st in Undergraduate Class , and princess Julia (Stanroph Sea Sonnet) 4 th in a lovely Junior Class. Not bad because she is out of coat. A great end to a fabulous weekend.


Dawson (Alibren True Glory) winning CAC-CACIB-BOS at the International Show in Gent on 22.02.2014. Huge thanks to Véronique for showing him so well!!!!! Thanks to Michelle for her great work that allows him to be in Working Class. Very proud of my little man!


We had a wonderful weekend with dear friends at Midland GRC CH show on 01/12/13. Our sweet Dawson ( Brussels Winner '13 Alibren True Glory) has made us proud again...he won 2nd place in a nice Undergraduate Class.

Also very pleased with Julia's ( Belgian Junior Winner, Belgian Junior CH Stamroph Sea Sonnet) result at Midland GRC CH show. she was placed 2nd in a huge & quality junior class! She has finished the shows for this year in style!


We've had a fabulous weekend in Kortrijk on 16 & 17/11/13, in the company of some wonderful friends. Belgian JW Julia (Stanroph Sea Sonnet) got a nice 2nd place on the Saturday under Liam Moran...On the Sunday she wanted more, and got the first place in junior with the 3 rd junior CAC she needed...This makes her BELGIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION.


Leyla and I are very pleased with Dawson's (Alibren True Glory) result at the field in Préseau, France on 10/11/13. He got a 'Very Good' and can now go in working class at the shows!!!! We are over the moon! A huge thanks must to his trainer and handler Michelle Noteborn , we can very much recommend her services !


At The Retriever Club Show in Kreutztal (Germany) on 28/09/13, Dawson was 2nd in a strong open class, and got his second RCAC. Princess Julia was 2nd in a huge junior class, and got RJCAC.


Very proud of Dawson's first outing with the big boys in open class at Brussels Dog show on 21/09/13. He managed to get the RCAC-RCACIB, after the dog that went BOB. This makes him 'Brussels Winner'. He has beaten the dogs in working, champion and intermediate class to achieve this! Thanks to Sue Towers for allowing me to have him!

Not to be outdone, princess Julia won a quality junior class, making her 'Belgian Junior Winner', taking her second point for the junior title, and finished with being JBOB. She has qualified for Cruft's again! Thanks to Anne Woodcock for allowing us to have her!


We've had a great day with friends at the international show in Mechelen on 17/08/2013. At just 9 months princess Julia won her first point in junior class.


Very pleased of my young hopes at the Centenary show on 12 &14 07/2013!

At the Joint Golden Retriever Clubs Championship show (12/07), princess Julia (Stanroph Sea Sonnet) was 1 st in Minor Puppy, Best Puppy Bitch, and Best Puppy in show!!! She's qualified for Cruft's at her first outing in the UK!!!
A day we will always cherish! Thanks to the judge Catherine Zingg and to Anne Woodcock for giving us this great girl!
Thanks to my gf Leyla for handling her so well.
At the GRC Centenary show (14/07) she got VHC in a huge Minor Puppy Class.

My darling Dawson did very well too: at the first show (12/07) HC in Undergraduate, and at the Centenary show (14/07) 3rd in Undergraduate. Thanks to Sue Towers for letting us have him.

We had some great days with friends from all over the globe. We enjoy our stay on cloud nine.
Huge thanks to our friend Bruno Facq for taking us there!!!


Our princess Julia, Stanroph Sea Sonnet winning BIS-puppy at the Belgian Retriever Clubshow on 02/06/2013.

Dawson won Intermediate Class at the BRC. Thanks to judge Moa Persson (Rossmix) and to Valerie for the nice picture! Thanks to the BRC for a lovely day!


We had a lovely day at the Regional Retriever Clubshow in Olhain, France on 25/05/2013. Our princess Julia was first in a lovely puppyclass (10 bitches!), and later Best Golden Puppy & Best Hope. Thanks to my gf Leyla, and to the judge Patricia Ann Butterworth.
Love her critique: 'Very pretty 6.5 months old puppy. Sweet head. Extremely compact. Lovely reach of neck. Excellent forechest. Good upperarm. Excellent shoulders, topline & tailset. good spring of rib, moved happily and very well' 
Thanks to the organisation for a great show and to Bruno Watterlot for the picture!

Alibren True Glory 'Dawson' won Intermediate Class and became 2nd best Golden Dog after BIS.

We are very happy with Julia's result on her first international outing at the Europasieger show in Dortmund, Germany on 11/05/2013. She won the strong puppyclass (9 girls)!!!What a great start of her showcareer!!!

Dawson (Alibren True Glory) got a nice second place in Graduate Class at the Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria on 05/05/2013

Very pleased with Julia's (Stanroph Sea Sonnet) result on her first outing at the Young Dogs Day of the GRCB on 01/04/2013: 2nd in a lovely babyclass of 7...She's 4.5 months old .
Thanks to my GF Leyla  for handling her so well, the GRCB for organising this great day, and to Hans Blancke for the picture.

Lucy is mated by Dawson on 06/04/2013. See 'Litters'

'Dawson' has made us very proud today! At Southern GRS Championship Show on 10/02/13 he got 1st place in both Yearling and Post Graduate Class, and is qualified for Crufts 2014!!! A big thanks to my good friends Bruno Facq, Dominique Schmitt and Audrey Strobel for a wonderful day, and huge congratulations for your great results today!!! Very nice to meet up with friends in the UK! Thank you to judge Mr P. Carey.

Dawson winning intermediate class in Moescroen on 27/01/13. Not bad for his first outing with the big boys!


Dawson gaining 2nd in junior at Brussels Dog Show on 09/12/12.
Thanks to the judge Mr Scholes.


Dawson winning junior class, best male and junior BOB at the international show in Kortrijk on 18/11/12.
Thanks to the judge Sue Jolly and to Nathalie Vermander for the pictures. we had a lovely day with some good friends.


Dawson winning best junior Golden, and then Best Junior in Show at the Regional Clubshow in Tanlay on 16/09/2012. Thanks a lot to Valerie Delprat for organising this wonderful show and the lovely picture, and to judges Anne Woodcock and Margaret Gawthorpe.


Dawson won the junior class, and then Best junior in Breed at the GRCB clubshow on 05/08/2012. Thanks to judges Bernard Caterall and Peter Drury.


Dawson got a nice 2nd place in junior at Uden on 23/06/2012.

Thanks to the judge Bruno Facq.



Dawson gets V.H.C.(5th) in a huge puppyclass (28 entries) and gets reserve (4th) in junior (22 entries). We had a great day with friends, despite of the terrible weather.

Thank you to the judge Mrs Butterworth!




Anais was placed 4th excellent in the open class ath the Rotterdam show under Mrs.C.Zing,

and 2nd excellent in the open class ath the WTP show under Mrs.Joly,


Anais was placed 2nd in the open class ath the BRC show under Mrs.V.Tregaskis,

and 5th at the GRCN Championship show out of 40 bitches in the open class!

Anais took the 3rd place in the Open class at the show in Gent, under Mr.L.Moran.

Anaïs du Bois de la Rayère

Anais won the Junior class at the show in Kortrijk on 19/11.
Thank you , Martine, for showing her so well!

Anaïs du Bois de la Rayère
Nina was placed 3rd at the strong junior class at the GRCB Young Dogs Day
on the 28th of March, under Mr.B.Lane.(Kuluwand).

"Nice quality bitch, good upperarm, good feet, nice straith front, good ribs, nice quarters,
super topline and tailset, moved well."

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